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General design objectives
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What you should avoid doing

General design objectives

We have attempted to make WORLDTIME

There are tradeoffs between these design objectives.

We did, for example, avoid using JAVA code in this first version of WORLDTIME, although this might have improved the user interface. However, many users continue to perceive JAVA as a security risk.

We hope that the overall outcome of our design decisions will satisfy you.

Features currently supported


The Earth is shown as a globe (so-called orthographic projection). You can, among other things, rotate the globe, zoom it and display national borders.

By default, you will see the daylight, twilight and night zones. To be precise, the twilight zone shown in the maps is the so-called nautical twilight zone, i.e. the zone in which the sun is not more than 12 degrees below the horizon.

At present, you cannot see cities. The reason for this is that if all cities are displayed the maps look crowded, and if some are left out, it may be just the ones you are most interested in.

Time information

For a selection of presently about 550 cities and towns, the current local time as well as the sunrise and sunset times for the current day are given.

Local time information does take full account of daylight saving time regulations. Sunrise and sunset times are calculated according to well-established rules and conventions. They are idealized in the sense that they apply only for a perfectly flat horizon. Obstacles such as mountains that may obscure your view are not accounted for.

What you should avoid doing

The use of your browser's "Reload" button may yield unexpected results. If you just want to update time information and the display of the day, night and twilight zones, please use the "Reload with current time" link instead.


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